At Mick’s insistence, a reluctant Linda goes to the chemist to buy a pregnancy test. While Linda furtively makes the purchase, Mick’s at home looking fondly at pictures of the kids when they were little. Linda pretends to take the test, telling a disappointed Mick it’s negative. Left alone. Linda takes the test properly and realises with horror that she’s pregnant….

Yvonne and Charlie vow to get together enough money to send Nick on his way. When Yvonne promises Dot that Nick will be out of their hair by Christmas, she’s taken aback as Dot admits she was hoping for Christmas with the whole family. Dot is soon reminded about how nasty Nick can be, however, when she overhears him making a racist comment about Fatboy. Dot slaps Nick, saying she wishes he’d never come back.

A shy Sonia agrees to do the naked charity calendar after a little encouragement from Tina. All they need now is a volunteer for December, so Pam asks Mick if he and Linda will oblige. Meanwhile, Emma and Max have made up and Max asks Emma if he can meet her parents. Also, Tina asks Tosh’s estranged parents for lunch.