Faye Morton’s return to work following her son Archie’s death has been troublesome. Help is on hand though when old flame Linden offers her a listening ear when she needs one. Realising that Faye could do with some support, Linden contrives to get Faye moved on to his ward for the day, while at the same time neglecting the needs of his daughter Holly, on work experience at the hospital.

During a dramatic shift Linden’s scheming throws Faye into the deep end when she’s called upon to help deal with the death of a young boy, bringing back sad memories of Archie’s own demise. As Linden and Faye work together to support the grieving mother of the dead boy, it looks like old feelings are hard to suppress and Linden’s beginning to fall for Faye once more. Will he be able to control his emotions?

Meanwhile, Donna and Maria clash as Maria’s determination to further her career results in her upsetting most of the nursing staff.

Elsewhere, Ric tells Thandie that he wants a divorce.