Lloyd spots Finlay waiting in the smoking shelter behind the pub while Teresa is drinking inside. They get chatting and when Teresa joins them and Lloyd introduces himself, Teresa says she already knows him – they shared a night of passion after a northern soul club night years ago! Teresa is intrigued when Lloyd reveals that he owns a successful taxi firm and she decides to use the situation to her advantage and lets him believe that he’s Finlay’s father!

Becky has got her feet under the table with Jason and even offers to help him choose Beth’s birthday present. Jason is worried when he is teased about how serious the two of them have become so quickly. When Becky starts speaking about babies Jason panics and wonders how to break it to her that their relationship is more casual than she’d like to believe.

Chesney can’t believe he’s finally managed to pull Kayleigh. Kirk tells Darryl about the two love birds and when Darryl reacts badly, Kirk is worried he’s put a spanner in the works.

Also, Vernon arrives back from the cruise to an over-enthusiastic Liz; Teresa has let Kayleigh and Finlay skive off school much to Mel’s disapproval.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

Teresa gives Lloyd a sob story on Finlay’s fatherless upbringing and tells him that it was hard lying to him about his real dad. Teresa plays on Lloyd’s guilt and reckons he owes her big style. Lloyd tells Steve about his ‘son’ and Steve is sceptical that Teresa is telling the truth, but Lloyd is convinced that he is Finlay’s dad and wants to do right by him. A scheming Teresa tells Lloyd the best way he can help is by putting his hand in his pocket…

Becky is making herself at home at the Grimshaws’ and Jason is surprised when he returns from work to find her having a girls’ night in with Eileen, who really seems to have taken to her. Becky announces she’s staying the night and Jason is left wondering how he’s ever going to be able to cool things between them!

LizZ overdoes her welcome to Vernon and makes him feel anxious and unsettled about why she’s suddenly being so attentive.

Also, rivalry between Dan and Steve intensifies when Steve beats him at a game of darts; Jerry’s operation is a success; and Chesney is relieved that he and Kayleigh are still an item despite Darryl’s teasing.