Mandy brings Lois some croissants as she’s working on her laptop but Lois says she’s watching what she eats and doesn’t want to let herself go like Freya, her late sister and Mandy’s ex. Mandy says Freya just enjoyed her life. When Mandy leaves for work, Lois finds a photo of Freya and compares herself in the mirror with her, then suddenly stuffs a whole croissant in her mouth and sits down with a feminism book that belonged to Freya.

Later, as she cooks, Lois starts to quote from Freya’s feminism book but when Mandy questions her about it, Lois feels out of her depth, so she tells Mandy to go and have a bath with a glass of wine. When Mandy’s gone, Lois starts to cram her face with pasta. Is she turning into Freya?

Meanwhile, Chris cajoles Jimmi and Al into going for a pint after work. As Jimmi racks up at the pool table, Jordan and his mates come in – and Jordan makes it clear it’s his table! When Chris, Jimmi and Al have finished their first game and are starting their second, Jordan puts his pound coins down, for when they’re finished. But Jordan soon gets tired of waiting, swings a punch at Chris and a clumsy bar room brawl breaks out.

Having pulled Chris away from Jordan and out of the pub, Al and Jimmi decide to go for a curry, but Chris has other ideas. He returns to the pub to square up to Jordan…

Also, when homeless Tommy stumbles back into the lives of his daughter and his ex, Heston faces an uphill struggle to persuade him to change his ways.