Is Lou Sheila’s dream man?

Sheila battles a series of erotic fantasies about a mysterious stranger inspired by The Book of Secrets, but each time the stranger’s identity is revealed, she’s appalled to realise it’s Lou. Meanwhile, Paul heads into the cool room and is surprised to find Sheila there. He moves the bucket that’s holding the broken door open but the door swings shut, leaving the pair stuck inside. 

Kyle tracks Georgia down at the hospital and overhears Karl discussing her test. Georgia apologies for not telling him and relays her father’s reaction when he found out her mother had throat cancer – she didn’t want to put Kyle through that. They reconcile and wait nervously for her test results …

Kathy takes Lou to task, letting him know she knows he didn’t write The Book of Secrets and that their family has seen enough lies. Defensive, Lou takes a swipe at her. Witnessing their acrimony, Lauren has a chat with Lou, reminding him they can’t undo what Kathy has done. A reflective Lou finds it in himself to offer Kathy an olive branch.