Is love on the cards for Kevin?

Kevin bumps into a woman at reception; she’s delighted to see him but Kevin’s utterly confused, he’s never seen this woman, Lally, in his life. Lally explains to Zara that they met through an internet dating site and have been chatting online, but every bit of information Lally can provide about Kevin is wrong – the revelation that the profile is a fake shocks Lally, who’s been chatting to this imposter for days.

Lally plots to arrange a date with the imposter, then Kevin can reveal himself and catch him in the act. But when the imposter doesn’t show, Lally suggests they have something to eat together. Back at the Campus, Zara finds the whole situation a bit strange. Lally’s been to the surgery several times recently with minor complaints, all of which couldn’t be diagnosed. Kevin resents Zara’s suspicion and sets up another date with Lally.

But, while he’s in her flat, Kevin stumbles across a collection of photos of himself on Lally’s tablet computer and is horrified – the whole thing was a set-up. Lally confesses that she needed a way for him to pay her attention but Kevin, fearing Lally is unhinged, freaks out and makes his escape.

Also, Mandy’s professional reputation is brought into question when a protective father discovers a shocking secret about his son.