Is Lucas about to be rumbled?

Lucas covers that he bought the flowers to try to cheer up Liz. Libby isn’t completely convinced by his story. Lucas takes Libby aside and convinces her that Owen has fallen off the wagon and needs to be left alone to work things through. But Lucas’s problems aren’t over when he discovers that Jean and Charlie are petitioning to revamp the Square gardens, which could mean moving Trina’s tree…

Ian and the family decide to keep Leon in the dark about being the father of Lucy’s baby. Ian finds out that Dot has told Heather that Leon has got Lucy pregnant. Ian asks Heather to keep it secret but Whitney overhears and maliciously texts Leon. In the Vic, Leon confronts the Beales and demands to know if the baby is his as the gobsmacked punters look on.

Danny sabotages a pump in the Vic and leaves Roxy to cope alone as he takes Peggy to lunch. By the time Danny and Peggy return Roxy is cracking under the pressure. Peggy soon sorts out the pump and Roxy sheepishly tells her that she needs Peggy’s help. Danny then persuades Roxy to put the Queen Vic bust on the bar.

Also, Carol asks Heather for a job in the launderette.

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