Is Lucas deceiving Denise?

Ian returns to his miserly ways when he finds a homeless woman sheltering in the chip shop and he throws her out. Kindly Lucas is appalled and he sets up a makeshift soup kitchen outside the chip shop. Ian is furious and tells Peggy and the market traders that the homeless people will steal from her.

Denise, meanwhile, is still struggling with her sexual frustration, but she decides to put it to one side to commit to Lucas. But there’s a shock for Lucas when his wife Trina turns up in the Square and tries to convince him to reunite with her. Lucas isn’t interested, but Patrick is suspicious when he spots them together.

Bianca and Ricky try to return all the goods that Whitney has stolen from the market, but Bianca is horrified when she spots Whitney pocketing a CD from one of the stalls and she and Ricky confront her. A desperate Whitney reveals that she can’t stop herself from stealing and she agrees to get some help.

Also, Zainab is stunned when she discovers that the business account has been cleared out with her cash card and she accuses Masood of being the culprit. Meanwhile, Tamwar tells a mystery person on the phone that he has the money…