Is Lucas getting jealous?

Vanessa declines Lucas’s offer to help with her baking but when Rhys helps her carry her cooking equipment from her car, he soon finds himself learning how to cook the Vanessa way. As they work side-by-side, Rhys’s fascination with his attractive neighbour grows and he mentions her to his mother during his visit. Elaine, however, warns her son to be careful with Vanessa’s feelings. Will he take her advice? Meanwhile, Lucas returns home to find Rhys has been there all along… and he’s not happy.

Certain that Lou is a dodgy character, Sheila keeps a close eye on him and soon starts to think he’s scamming Vera. She confronts him and he denies her accusations, but Sheila’s not about to give up. At the dance club, she exposes his lies and ruins his chances with Vera.

Sheila tells Kate that she’s a better match for Kyle than Jade, which sets Kate thinking. Later, however, she tells Sheila that she and Kyle will only ever be friends, though she hasn’t convinced herself.