Is Lucas playing a dangerous game?

With all the extra cash Lucas has been earning by storing merchandise at the garage, he manages to clear his debts. However, when Lucas starts looking to buy a new motorbike, he realises he needs some more cash and asks Billy for more stuff to store. Billy tells him he doesn’t have anything but hints he knows people who could use Lucas’s garage space, but warns him they’re serious people.

Desperate for the bike, Lucas takes the job on and a car is delivered to him later that day. When Mark sees Lucas and Billy talking he becomes suspicious and warns Lucas that a lot of mechanics chase easy cash by rebirthing cars. Lucas’s friends are also suspicious as to where Lucas is getting his money from, especially Sonya who thinks he might be gambling again.

Sonya tries to persuade Toadie to let Jade stay, but following their latest argument, he won’t change his mind. However, he agrees to go for breakfast with Jade and he tells her if she wants to know anything about him then she is to ask. The pair begin to bond and find they have a mutual love of board games. Sonya is thrilled that they are all getting on again.

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