Is Lydia telling Janine everything?

Lydia has a doctor’s appointment to go to. Janine makes Lydia promise to get the doctor to call her when Lydia is done. After the appointment, it seems that Lydia is hiding just how ill she is. Lydia brushes off Janine when she tries to find out what Yusef said. Janine is worried about her gran, but Lydia insists that she’s OK.

Roxy bumps into Eddie and invites him over for tea. Roxy hopes things can be patched up between Eddie and Michael. Michael is not impressed to see his dad in the house and Eddie soon leaves. Michael is furious with Roxy for inviting Eddie over. Roxy demands to know what’s going on. Michael tells a shocked Roxy that Eddie killed his mother!

Phil decides not to go to that evening’s support group. Rainie finds Phil at work and asks him to come to the meeting. Phil changes his mind about the meeting. Shirley says she’ll stay sober for the evening to support him, but she soon breaks her vow. After the meeting, Rainie tries cosying up to Phil, but he’s not having any of it. Phil meets Shirley at the Vic and, disappointed, he realises that she’s tipsy.