Is Maddy sure Oscar is the one?

Oscar and Maddy are officially an item, but it’s not just Roo that is concerned over their relationship as Oscar just can’t seem to shake his doubts. He confronts Maddy and she tells Oscar she has taken him for granted but she’s certain she loves him.

Kyle’s back from the city much to Phoebe’s delight. When Ryan shows up at Angelo’s, Kat warns him he is breeching the injunction against him. Kyle sees the confrontation between the pair and, having learned Ryan’s identity, attacks him. Ash breaks it up before Kyle does something he regrets…

Zac realises VJ has gone to visit Leah. VJ refuses to answer his phone and Zac is worried he won’t come back home, so Irene offers to go to the hospital instead.

Brax anxiously waits by the phone to discover what deal his lawyer has managed to negotiate, although Ricky can see that Brax is conflicted about pleading guilty to a crime he didn’t commit. Brax’s lawyer tells them Brax will serve eight years if he pleads guilty.