Is Maddy’s relationship getting her into trouble?

After a visit from the police, Roo tells Maddy that there’s footage of her and Josh prior to the fire at Mangrove River High and they’re suspects in an arson case. Maddy and Josh are innocent, but Roo’s concerned that Josh may be involved and Maddy reacts angrily. She tells Josh about their predicament and asks him whether he had anything to do with it. He’s upset she even had to ask him. Stevenson shows up to question Josh, and Maddy stands up for him. Roo comes to see Josh in hospital and asks him to let Maddy go for her own good, so he regretfully breaks up with Maddy.

Indi accuses Robyn of using Indi’s grief to use Chris in her twisted game. Chris goes after Robyn and apologises for not treating her with the respect she deserved. Robyn decides to leave the Bay and parts on good terms with Chris and Indi.

Jett is sick of everyone being flippant about his broken heart and suggests John take his own advice and move forward with Marilyn. Later, Indi tells Jett to remember the good times he had with Nina and realises that she’s not completely moved on.

John reveals his true feelings to Marilyn and they’re both delighted to realise they feel the same way.