On the phone to his wife in London, Mal tells her he’s going to book his flight home that day. Watching Jade running, from his window, Mal knows he needs to get out of Ramsay Street. However, with things tense between his mum and dad, Mal decides to postpone going home.

Karl is planning on moving out so Mal helps him build some furniture. However, when he pops out and gets distracted by Jade working out, Karl is inside accidentally hammering nails into his finger rather than the wood it was meant for. Upset, Karl admits this isn’t what he wants.

Andrew is starting to feel suffocated by Summer’s neediness since Karl and Susan’s split. He confides in Chris who tells him that Summer would always be there for him so he should be for her. However, he needn’t worry because Summer is aware of how she’s behaving and quickly calms herself down.

Tash decides not to try and see Emilia again, thinking it’s pointless. On their way to school, Chris, the car nerd, notices a rare classic car at the bottom of Ramsay Street, however, the driver speeds off. Later, as they come out of Harold’s, Tash spots Emilia in the very same car, realising she’s worked out who she is and where she lives.