Maverick surgeon Malick is back on the wards, but now stuck in a teaching capacity following the car accident that damaged his hand. His frustration at his new role becomes apparent when his old mentor JJ Kirby is admitted with an infected gut. When Serena dismisses the high-risk surgical strategy suggested by Malick, he’s left feeling powerless to help. But when JJ’s condition worsens while Serena is preoccupied, Malick feels he has no choice but to manipulate Arthur to follow his unorthodox plan. Will Malick’s actions pay off – or is it career suicide?

Meanwhile, Sacha and Chrissie plan to renew their vows after she is given the all clear from cancer, but the moment is fleeting when both begin to question if they have what it takes to go the distance. The chapel is booked, but will they be able to say ‘I do’?

Also, the simmering tension between Bonnie and Jac comes to the surface. Will either of them be able to bite their tongue?