Mandy and Warren are on edge ever since Ravi walked in on them together and Mandy is convinced Ravi is going to blurt out the truth. Warren tries to reassure Mandy that Ravi will keep quiet, but when Mandy misinterprets the end of a conversation between Nancy and Warren she is certain Nancy knows everything. Mandy tries to confront Nancy, but after she once again gets the wrong end of the stick, she tells Warren it’s over.

As Ravi and Russ spend the day fixing the DJ booth, Ravi misreads the signals and makes a move on a horrified Russ. Meanwhile, Nancy is upset at having lost Ravi but is too stubborn to admit she shouldn’t have accused him of helping Warren in a drug deal.

It’s Newt’s birthday, and Nancy is keen to reunite him with Frankie. At his birthday party, Lauren and Frankie are clearly both desperate to make it up to Newt but he can’t bring himself to forgive them.

Justin is stunned to learn from his boss, Mr Sabottini, that the husband of a client Justin has been sleeping with has uncovered the sordid truth. Justin is gobmacked when Mr Sabottini sacks him on the spot for unprofessional conduct.

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