Is Maria falling for Marcus?

Keen to show Maria how she should be treated, Marcus arrives to ask her out on a ‘date’ to the Bistro. As they later enjoy the meal they relax in each other’s company and Maria admits it’s the best date she’s ever had!

Sunita’s on the back foot as Dev quizzes her about the money and her mysterious night out with a friend. Sunita’s on the ropes and goes on the attack, accusing Dev of not trusting her. Asking the dreaded question Dev wonders if she’s having an affair, Sunita insists she isn’t, but Dev refuses to believe her and demands to know who her boyfriend is. As Karl waits at the hotel Sunita feels pressured to come clean. When Stella arrives at the Alahans mid row, she becomes embroiled in their domestic.

Peter confronts Simon about stealing Aadi’s DS and finds Amy’s missing money in his room. After dragging him round the street to apologise, Peter bundles up all Simon’s toys and puts them in a cupboard, insisting he won’t get them back until he learns to behave.

Also, Tommy admits to Tina that his behaviour has been indefensible, but will she forgive him? Gary and Izzy look after Faye and discuss the possibility of having a child one day…