When Mark returns from a run to find his car has been vandalised, he makes out to Lucas that it’s just kids. Paul gets wind of the upcoming corruption case and tries to talk to Mark about it, but Mark isn’t interested and when Paul keeps pushing, Mark loses his temper.

Fed up with all the hassle from the trial, Mark apologises to Paul, but Paul continues to wind him up and tells him he can’t ignore the story. Worried, Mark calls on Kate for help, telling her she has to stop Paul running the story because it runs much deeper than he knows.

Andrew sees Tash coming home in the morning, dressed up from the night before. He follows her home and asks her what she’s up to. She pretends she’s sick, but when he sees a guy pull up in a flash car, handing Tash something through the window, before kissing her, Andrew wonders what’s really going on.

With some clever digging on Facebook, Andrew finds out who the guy is and that he’s twenty-eight. Andrew warns her off him, and asks what he gave her earlier. When she shows him the fake ID, Andrew tells her she’ll get caught. Reminding him he is now living happily ever after with Summer, Tash tells Andrew he owes her and better not say anything to anyone.

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