Is marriage on the cards for Andy and Katie?

In the cafe, Sarah tells Gabby that Andy and Katie are getting married. It’s complete fiction of course because the pair haven’t even broached the subject of getting hitched again. Even so, Andy’s surprised by Katie’s reaction because instead of finding the idea repellent, it seems she wouldn’t rule out marriage, especially when she talks about them growing old together! Thrilled that Katie sees a future with him, Andy plans to propose. And it just so happens that it’s his girlfriend’s birthday this week, so he plans to make it really special by popping the question.

Debbie’s told Pete that she doesn’t want them to live together and he seems to be fine with that. But what he doesn’t know is that she kissed Ross! However, it looks like he’s about to discover the truth when he pays his grieving brother a visit…

Laurel’s pretending everything is fine, but Ashley knows something is up so he presses her to tell what’s wrong. And as she opens up to him, Laurel reveals her doubts about getting married to Marlon next week and says she’s not sure about walking down the aisle with a man who’s still grieving for his ex-wife!