Karl suggests to Mal that it’s time for him to book his flight home to London, but Mal’s not convinced it’s the right time to leave Karl and Susan. Realising he’s not going anywhere, Karl encourages Mal to, at least, get out of the house. And as luck would have it, Rhys is having a BBQ.

Meanwhile, in the lounge, Rhys winds Jade up about flirting with Mal, which she denies, but as soon as he arrives, Jade becomes awkward. However, things only get worse when Jade flirts with one of Rhys’s colleagues from the hospital, making a jealous Mal even more interested. Later, he’s clearly flirting with Jade, but she’s not interested, telling him he should call his wife. Deflated he leaves the party, but can’t stop himself texting Jade.

Summer frets over the closure of PirateNet and packs away her things as Andrew tells Paul that this is all his fault, and he’s only looking out for himself. Paul refuses to take any responsibility for Summer not checking her facts, and Susan tells her she should never have gone ahead without speaking to someone at the council. Later, Paul apologies to Summer and offers to help her with the art project for her portfolio, but Summer tells Paul she’s not interested.