Having been on the road for three days, Michael suggests to Martha that they stay in a small coastal town, but Martha is keen to keep moving – she wants to be further away from Summer Bay. When Martha kicks up a fuss about the next town, Michael realises that Martha is unhappy and preoccupied with Jack and his upcoming wedding.

After a heated argument, Martha falls asleep in the car and is stunned to wake up to find herself in back in Summer Bay. Michael tells her that they have no future together until she deals with her unfinished business with Jack.

Sally worries when Henk turns up unexpectedly to see Cassie. He declares his love for Cassie and she reciprocates his feelings. Sally refuses to let Henk stay in a caravan so the couple head off to stay at the Sands together. The next morning before Sally has had time to warn Rachel that Henk is back, Rachel is horrified to stumble across him on the beach.

Sam and Jack host a pre-wedding BBQ and a farewell bash for Dan who’s off to America. The BBQ goes well with Sam and Jack looking relaxed and happy. But unknown to them, Martha is watching. What is she planning?

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