Carmel is horrified when Mercedes and Jacqui turn up at the spa on the first day in her new job and enjoy a free pampering at Carmel’s expense. Later, Jacqui reveals to Mercedes all the products she stole, and Carmel and Jacqui argue as Mercedes sneaks upstairs with a pregnancy test.

Beth arranges a double date for her, Hannah, Gilly and Danny. Even though Hannah is nervous, she ends up enjoying the date, and Gilly and Beth are having an good time too until Rhys turns up demanding an explanation, accusing Beth of being unthinking. But knowing the real reason for Rhys’ anger, Beth warns him to keep his nose out of her business.

Hungover Nancy panics when she suddenly remembers she’s got an assessment at HCC. But as she’s getting ready, Jake swipes her house keys and locks her in the flat. Nancy panics, misses her exam, and breaks down when Jake returns.

After being dumped by Zoe, Darren attempts to win her back with a new camera. Fed up of being lied to, Zoe refuses to accept it, although changes her mind when Jess convinces her that this is the perfect opportunity to make her student film.