Is Merlin about to reveal his secret?

The one thing you really don’t want to be in Camelot is a wizard or a witch or anyone with any magical powers at all; don’t even show off with card tricks. King Uther has always made it very clear that there’s no room for magic in his kingdom. He has burned witches and banned wizardry, which is why Merlin has kept his ever-increasing box of tricks to himself. But now he has to risk everything to help a friend in need…

Morgana, the orphaned ward of the King, can’t wallow in the simple joys of maidenhood. She’s been having nightmares and, when they become reality, she becomes convinced that she has magical powers. Oooooh, dangerous! Gaius, the King’s advisor and, more importantly, Merlin’s protector, is horrified when Merlin says that he feels he can help Morgana best by revealing his secret. He knows what she’s going through and thinks she needs to know the truth.

But the truth isn’t simple or straightforward… While the conflict over what’s right and wrong is fought between Gaius and Merlin, Morgana finds herself once again in the company of Mordred, the druid boy. That’s not good for her, either, according to The Great Dragon. He claims Mordred will be the downfall of Camelot and kill Arthur… Merlin needs to get that light in his eyes – fast!