Is Michael being honest with Tash?

Wanting to find out about her mum, Tash searches through her dad’s files, but it proves fruitless, and as though she never existed. An internet search also comes up with nothing. When Michael returns home, he unpacks, hiding a newspaper clipping about a woman who drowned. Is the woman Tash’s mum? Logging onto the computer, Michael’s shocked when he discovers that Tash has searched her mum’s name on the internet and knows he needs to talk to her. Is he being honest with his daughter?

Kyle’s pleased that with Michelle out of the house, he and Jade don’t need to hide their little arrangement. When Jade appears less keen, Kyle asks her if there’s something wrong, but she still won’t admit that she’d like to be more than housemates with benefits. Despite Sonya’s best efforts to make Kyle see what’s in front of him, he gets the wrong end of the stick thinking Jade’s taking on so many clients because she’s worried about the rent, not so she can avoid him as her feelings grow. Later, when Jade finds Rhys making himself at home, telling her he’s moving in, Kyle’s stunned by how mad she is.

Sonya is devastated when she finds out the new development will offer its own garden centre, much bigger than hers.