Michael instructs Alice to slip sedatives into Janine’s wine and plant the rest of the pills in the house. With Alice out, Michael packs Alice’s bag, plotting to frame her by planting the receipt for the pills. At Janine’s, Alice realises that there are less pills than there should be and Michael’s setting her up to kill Janine. Michael launches a cruel attack on Alice when he realises things haven’t gone to plan, causing Alice to knee him and do a runner!

Lauren is pleased with the money she’s made, but Abi reminds her they still owe a fortune. Kirsty does her best to support the girls, but Cora is scathing about her involvement. Cora is shocked when Abi and Lauren stick up for Kirsty and call her part of the family. Lauren confronts Peter about his hint that he could help Max and is left furious when Peter reveals that he tried to persuade Ian not to testify but failed.

Carol is shocked when Whitney says she was wrong about David, encouraging her to give him another chance. Annoyed by the effect he’s had on the family while she’s been away, Carol takes control by speaking to Sharon on Whitney’s behalf, leaving Whitney scared that Carol has made things worse.