Is Michelle pregnant?

A bad-tempered Michelle lays into a perplexed Steve and Liz. Complaining that she feels tired and has put on weight, Maria jokes that Michelle might be pregnant. The joke clearly hits a nerve with Michelle. She IS pregnant!

En route to a business meeting, Peter bumps into Tina and vowing to leave her alone, urges her to stay in Weatherfield. Not wanting to have the conversation in full view of everyone, they head to Tina’s flat. Full of frustration and anger, Tina smashes a glass and cuts her hand, but when Peter gently tends to her cut, Tina feels her resolve wavering and they go to kiss. Meanwhile, Peter’s client has turned up at the factory after Peter failed to turn up. Carla rings Peter and he manages to palm her off with an excuse.

Kylie and David feel awkward around each other as he moves his belongings back into No 8. Kylie wants to get her life back on track, but feels she’s unemployable. But David has an idea that could help her get a job.

Also, arriving back from a stressful time at Hayley’s, Carla is furious to find a row erupting on the factory floor and sacks Beth; to Lloyd’s delight, Andrea pops into the Rovers to discuss coursework with Steve.