Mrs Tembe hears Jas and Kevin gossiping about whether she might have a sex life with Gordon. She’s quietly affronted, but starts to wonder. Over lunch, all Mrs Tembe can hear Gordon talk is innuendo. She works herself into a state, and leaves Gordon wondering what’s the matter. He chats to Rob about what he might have done, who in turn asks Karen if there’s something wrong. 

Karen corners Mrs Tembe who eventually admits it’s about sex – she doesn’t know whether it’s right at their age, not married, let alone the fact he’s a vicar! Karen says of course they should, they’d be stupid not to – then feeds this back to Rob. Very awkwardly, Rob tries to tell Gordon that Mrs Tembe is interested in sex. Rob eventually gets his point across, and the two men quickly move onto a different subject…

Daniel’s stayed the night to help Zara with Joe. He’s hoping this will be the start of reconciliation, but Zara has no plans to play happy families. Zara’s house is awkward to manoeuvre with Joe, and Daniel suggests they move back into the family home – unable to think of a good excuse to stop Daniel taking Joe for a few days, Zara agrees.

Daniel’s thrilled to have them back, but Zara won’t let down her guard – she’s an outright bitch to Daniel, but he takes the abuse, knowing it’s a test. Eventually, Daniel is on the verge of cracking, and goes outside to scream in frustration. Zara sees him and starts to feel a little guilty. As he cooks her dinner, she gives him a small compliment. Is this a step in the right direction?

Also, Howard becomes ‘No Man’s Land’ in a war waged by two Veterans.