It’s Kevin’s last day and Ayesha tries to make amends with Mrs Tembe as the gang are going go-karting. As the others race, Kevin reveals his concerns to Heston. The only reason he was in a position to expose the bone harvesting scandal was because the perpetrators sensed he was morally corrupt. Heston refutes this – what he did was heroic and he should be proud. After some emotional goodbyes the old, cocky Kevin comes to the fore and takes to the track.

Meanwhile, an evil property developer, Mr Redfern, reiterates a previous offer to elderly brother and sister, Emily and Jacob, to sell their house. Niamh finds Mr Redfern pushing Emily for a sale again and sends him packing.

However, Jacob confesses he is in league with Redfern to try to make Emily sell the house as he wants the money. Niamh advocates calling the police but Emily refuses – he’s family, they will work it out. Later, however, she poisons Jacob describing how she plans to spend the cash while he dies in front of her.