Is Naomi responsible for Toadie’s injuries?

Naomi still feels guilty for what happened to Toadie and grills Kyle over the bouncy castle. She’s alarmed to learn he did not check the knots tied by Ashtyn, his hopeless apprentice, and lays the blame at his feet. However, Kyle finds damning fine print in the hire conditions and Naomi is stunned to realise she’s responsible after all.

Karl and Sonya both fear Toadie’s reaction, now that he’s recovered enough to be told the news of his condition. However, his reaction is not what they expected when he goes into complete denial, convinced he’ll be fine. His refusal to accept the situation upsets Sonya, especially when Karl warns her he will spend significant time in a wheelchair.

When Paul learns how hopeless Kyle’s new apprentice Ashtyn is, he tries to pressure him into rehiring Amy, so she will stay. Kyle refuses, but then Amy herself asks for her job back, after Sonya asks her to stay. Unable to refuse, Kyle agrees and Paul and Jimmy are thrilled.