Toadie tries to explain his decision to represent Josh to Sheila and Georgia, who are bitterly disappointed. Toadie feels bad but stands by his principles – stirring Naomi’s old feelings for him. When an emotional Sheila launches into a character assassination on Toadie, Naomi forces her to stop… revealing she’s still in love with him.

Josh is relieved that Chris has woken from his coma but when Karl reveals that Chris is facing a long, and costly, recovery, Josh sets up a donation programme to help him. Amber discovers he is selling his swimming medals to fund it and agrees to front it for him. Later, Josh admits so many things have gone wrong in his life because of his selfish nature and he wants to change.

With his Space Camp interview looming Lou and Amber order Bailey to go out and relax. He bumps into Alice and they agree not to discuss astronomy, but they get so carried away they forget about the interviews. Lou hurriedly drives them and they make it just in time. Before they head inside, Bailey tells Alice he had an amazing day and they kiss, before heading into the interviews.