Is Nate and Ricky’s marriage over?

Nate reads the text from Brax on Ricky’s phone and when she admits it was sent a couple of days before the wedding, he realises Brax was behind her freak out. Refusing to discuss it, Ricky walks out.

Billie reels in the wake of her shocking attack – before picking herself up off the floor of the gym and heading home. Back at the Farm House, a proud Phoebe praises Kat’s strength in dealing with Dylan, inadvertently making Billie feel weak for not being able to fight off her attacker. She heads to bed without telling anyone what’s happened.

Later, Oscar invites Billie to be his fake date but, when she breaks down, he’s shocked to learn she was attacked. Billie tells Oscar she’s heading up the coast for a few days to forget about the attack and swears him to secrecy.

Maddy, Matt and the fundraiser committee brainstorm new locations for the fundraiser with Roo, and the caravan park is suggested as a venue space. To Phoebe’s dismay, photographer Dom encourages the idea, and the pair squabble. Accompanying Phoebe home, Chris calls her out on having the serious hots for her antagonist!