Is Ned falling for Janae?

Janae hides her neck injury from Ned, claiming she’s just sore after boxing training. Later, as he gives her a massage, Ned realises he feels more for Janae than just friendship. And when Elle assumes Ned and Janae are a couple, Ned is forced to admit they’re just friends.

Harold visits Paul and attempts to start filling him in about his chequered past until Elle intervenes. Later, when Karl learns about Paul’s memory loss, he jumps to the conclusion that Paul is faking it to wipe out his past misdeeds. Elle fiercely defends her dad, telling the neighbours that his tumour was responsible for Paul’s bad behaviour and he should be given a second chance.

Desperate to keep his well-paid job, Karl talks Susan into going on a date with his boss Davo, asking her to scare him off by pretending to be a floozy. But when Davo still finds Susan irresistible, Karl is left wondering what it will take to put him off!

Also, Zeke snubs Lolly for hurtful remarks he overheard her make about him; and Ringo gives Rachel food for thought when he declares he doesn’t plan to go to university.