Is Neil really quitting the Street?

Neil calls in to see Andrea and Lloyd and tells them he has been cautioned by the police and is leaving the country for good. The pair hope that their ordeal is finally over, but can’t help but worry Neil has something else up his sleeve.

Stressed Kylie’s tempted to take more of Max’s pills, but she’s stopped when David disturbs her. As the day goes on she crosses the line once more and takes the final few of Max’s pills, believing David is picking up a new prescription. But with David delayed and unable to get to the chemist, he walks in on her taking the last of their son’s precious pills.

Looking after sick Sally is testing Tim’s patience to the limit. But his behaviour raises some concerns when he discards an application form for a new job.

Also, when Julie casually arranges to see Dev at the gym, Mary promptly invites herself along.