New boss Jordan prepares for another day at ED. Suspicious of Jordan�s sudden transfer, Adam begins looking for ammunition against his new rival. Ruth, on the other hand, is thriving under Jordan’s leadership and seems to have started dressing in a more glamorous and feminine way. Later Kelsey mentions that Jordan has more than a few notches on his bedpost.

Meanwhile, two sisters, Penny and Jean, discover their mother, Margaret, has collapsed. It appears the elderly lady may have taken an overdose, and one of her daughters may have helped. Later, a man is brought into resus with a detached foot after a fight in a mechanics. Jordan takes control but appears to have a memory lapse but it goes unnoticed and he quickly hands over to Ruth.

The other man involved in the fight takes Charlie hostage, but Charlie notices he needs urgent treatment and Abs neutralises the situation. Jordan pulls off the tricky operation, enjoying the opportunity to show off his surgical skills � despite Adam’s opposition.

During the commotion Margaret has been left unattended and passes away. Jordan leaves the ED in deep thought and gets into his car. He takes a letter from his glove box � a referral appointment to see a specialist � studies it, then screws it into a tight ball.