Is Nicole pregnant?

Geoff is shocked by Nicole’s resentful attitude of the time he has spent helping Melody. But he soon realises why she is upset when he spots a home pregnancy kit. The pair panic, but luckily the test turns out negative.

Worried Kirsty is unwilling to share the truth about the Kane’s letter with Miles. Instead, she shows it to Irene. Kane wants to appeal his sentence, and since legal aid will take so long he wants Kirsty to pay for a lawyer. She confides that she had no choice but to do as he asks, but worries how it will affect her blossoming relationship with Miles.

Things aren’t going well between Belle and Aden at work, with Belle wanting to be friends, but Aden uninterested if Belle won’t be with him. Even so, Belle is surprised to find out he has quit to take on a job as a labourer at the development site. She tells him she cannot believe he has sided with her enemy, but he doesn’t care what she thinks.

But as soon as Belle arrives at the site, the foreman recognises her and gets on the phone to a mysterious boss, reporting that she’s back. Is Belle in danger?

Also, Alf and Bridget’s date goes well.

*Showing on RTE One, Monday November 17*