Is Olivia pregnant?

Olivia is petrified about taking the pregnancy test. She confides in Skye, but her worst fears are realised when the test comes back positive. She tells Irene, who says she will be there to support her but then orders her to tell Hunter the news – and fast!

Nate is preoccupied with his relationship problems, but puts on a brave face in front of his friends. Full of mixed emotions over Brax’s text, Ricky distracts herself by consoling Kyle over his upcoming court case.

Ricky and Nate decide to put their argument behind them. Meanwhile, Phoebe has organised a surprise joint hen party for Ricky and Nate. Things start off well, but by the end of the night Phoebe detects that Ricky isn’t happy.

At Nate and Ricky’s celebrations, Kat gets drunk to forget about Dylan. When she starts to cause a scene, Ash escorts her out, but Dylan sees everything and assumes something is going on. When Ash finally gets Kat home, she kisses him before passing out, leaving him stunned.