Paige hopes the store she’s helping Kathy set up will be the perfect cover story to get to know her, but Naomi’s enthusiasm for her own new job with Kathy gets in the way. Naomi agrees to back off as long as Paige doesn’t interfere with her job ambitions. Paige accepts, and takes an opportunity to steal information from Kathy about what happened with the adoption. Meanwhile, Kathy and Terese come to an understanding, when Kathy admits how determined she is to make amends for what she’s done.

Lauren isn’t aware that Kathy is forging ahead with her own secret agenda – to find the lost child. And Paige is knocked for a six when Kathy reveals her private investigator has tracked down her lost granddaughter.

Susan wonders what prompted Karl to enter the erotic writing competition and Karl reveals he received a cash prize. When Toadie tells Sonya that Karl is definitely the mystery writer, she finds the whole idea deeply disturbing.

Sheila can’t resist the urge to talk up Naomi to Kathy – so much so that Kathy decides Naomi is too well qualified for the position. Naomi confronts Sheila and tells her she’s ruined everything.