Is Paige with the wrong Brennan?

Paige’s awkwardness around Tyler dissipates when they fall into their usual banter – this is in stark contrast to her interactions with Mark. Amber takes photos of the exchanges and, when she shows them to Paige, she suggests maybe she’s with the wrong brother.

Vanessa tells Sonya that she sold a cupcake recipe to a food company for a lot of money but had to keep it secret – Lucas wanted Tyler to handle cupcake deliveries for her. Apologising for jumping to conclusions, Sonya admits she was assuming the worst of Lucas because life has been stressful lately, and without her old sponsor around she’s been struggling. The old friends promise to be there for each other from now on.

Toadie arranges for Imogen to have lunch with an old colleague of his, Jan Barton, who is now a judge, and Daniel is invited along as well. At the lunch, Daniel and Jan discover a mutual love of Paul Kelly and Imogen is left stewing. Afterwards, angry with herself for blowing the opportunity, Imogen lashes out at Daniel.