Hugo receives more hate mail and it’s frustrating Martha. She confronts John Palmer over the hate mail. Unhappy that Palmer won’t listen, Martha considers her options to help Hugo, but when she returns home, a brick is thrown through the window. Hugo decides to sell the schooner, but Martha will have none of it. She returns to the Surf Club to confront him, telling Palmer that she’s going to run for council against him.

Miles wonders if he and Kirsty should get married but Kirsty is hesitant. She goes to Irene for advice, who tells her she needs to discuss the situation with Miles, they can’t let it fester like last time. Miles confides in Kirsty that he shouldn’t have lumped it on her, but Kirsty simply tells him that while she understands why he asked, she doesn’t want to get married right now.

Annie wants to stop surfing lessons when Romeo flirts with her and makes fun of her at the same time. She then discovers a poem written by Jai in her locker but thinks it’s from Romeo and is moved. Romeo tells Jai to go along with it, but Romeo feels guilty and acts nervous, which makes Annie think he is falling for her.

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