Sienna slyly tells Dodger about Maxine going to counselling with Patrick. She’s furious when Maxine decides she’s going to propose to Dodger. Maxine turns up to meet Dodger in a sexy car and wearing a sexy dress and the pair pull up at The Loft for a surprise party. But as Maxine is about to propose, Sienna sets off the fire alarms. Maxine thinks Patrick’s to blame and tells him she wishes he was dead! But it seems Maxine should be careful what she wishes for when, later, someone drives into Patrick. Who is it? And is Patrick dead?

Elsewhere, Phoebe proves herself a true McQueen when she sets out to seduce Robbie. She gets him down to his boxers, blindfolds him and then ties him to a bench before taking photos. Joe comes to rescue him but, when Robbie insults Phoebe, Joe offers her the job at the garage.

Also, Carmel gets the evidence she needs to free Theresa when she listens to Sonny’s confession on Phoebe’s phone about manipulating Theresa’s arrest. However, Carmel leaves the phone in the bin.