Is Patrick in danger?

Maxine is confused about Patrick’s behaviour towards her last night. She plans a romantic lunch for him, but unbeknown to her, Patrick gets an unwelcome visitor – Anna. She accuses him of killing Texas and tells him she’s going to make him pay. Later, in the flat, Patrick is confronted with Anna, who knocks him unconscious with a vase.

George is concerned by Phoebe’s growing affections for Vincent, but it’s clear he has a secret agenda. When Maxine passes comment about their blossoming romance, George realises something has to be done. 

Phoebe is worried when he suggests she’s leading Vincent on. Later, she leans in to kiss Vincent, but it’s clear it’s not what he wants.

Dennis returns to the village, but is completely unprepared for what’s happened since he’s been away. Doug fills him in, leaving Dennis shocked and determined to save an incarcerated Leanne.