Paul, Sonya, Toadie and Daniel work to have Paul reinstated as Mayor, knowing the biggest obstacle is Acting Mayor Sue Parker. Having heard his mother complaining about Paul, Sue’s son Jayden, confesses to trashing the nursery. Paul encourages Sonya to drop charges against the boy in order to get leverage over Sue. The plan works and Sue steps down. But Sonya soon realises Paul has schemed to bring Jayden to justice – he’s clearly back to his old ways.

After Nate’s disastrous school talk, Susan consults with Karl, who agrees Nate’s probable diagnosis is PTSD, and warns neither he nor Susan is qualified to help. Meanwhile, Chris assures Nate he wants to be here for him and Nate is buoyed by his boyfriend’s support.

Amber tries to teach imogen to knit, but when Daniel steps in with hands-on guidance, Imogen realises she has feelings for her best friend’s boyfriend. Witnessing Imogen’s longing glances toward Daniel, Naomi calls Imogen on it, and she confesses that she thinks she’s in love with him.