Is Paul Oliver’s dad?

The paternity test proves that Paul is NOT Oliver’s dad, prompting Oliver to beg Rebecca to reveal the true identity of his biological father. Knowing that Oliver’s real dad can only be a violent man she’s been fleeing, Rebecca refuses to reveal the truth to her son. Disgusted, Oliver banishes her from his life.

Curious Paul, however, learns the truth after confronting Rebecca, and compassionately implores Oliver to give his mum a second chance. But in the process, he tells a surprised Declan he has an older brother.

As Toadie and Steph prepare for a campaign debate, Steph is surprised to discover from Susan that Toadie has been seriously worried that he may have been over the legal alcohol limit when the mini bus crashed. Certain his blood test will come back negative, Steph helps Toadie stay strong. But Toadie is distraught and publicly shamed when he is arrested during their important debate.

Ned and Janae’s budding relationship is put under strain by Ned’s struggle to cope with Mickey’s bad behaviour. Janae is eager to keep the romance alive, but is reluctant to put Ned under any more pressure.