Paul regains consciousness in remote bush land after being abducted by a vengeful Dylan who is irrationally convinced that Paul is responsible for Stingray’s death. Paul manages to free himself and heads off into the bush, but freaks out as Dylan begins a game of cat and mouse.

They end up at the cliff edge where Paul begs Dylan to spare his life. Ignoring his pleas, Dylan ends up pushing Paul over the cliff. However, Paul somehow manages to cling on to the rocky edge, and Dylan helps him back over to safety, saving his life.

When Ned learns he caused serious injuries to the Barnes family security guard, he urges Elle to abandon her campaign to marry Oliver’s millions and run away with him with the cash he has secretly stashed from Paul’s bank accounts.

Lolly spontaneously kisses the newly single Ringo, but instantly regrets it, and confesses to Rosie her fears that she’s ruined the friendship forever.

After trying, and failing to bake her way back into Oliver’s heart, Carmella takes her disappointment out on Elle – by throwing a cake in her face.

Also, Pepper is thrilled when her secret admirer who she’s convinced is Paul, sends her a jack-in-the-box and tickets to the circus.