Alf spots Penn at the cemetery and Penn vows to get revenge on Alf. Alf goes over to the grave where Penn was standing and discovers it’s Tulip’s. Alf tells Penn he’s not afraid of him, and that he should leave town, because he’s just a scared little boy.

Mitzy is buried and Marilyn struggles with her death. Sid, Miles and the family try to support her, but she is bereft. Sid wants to help, but she just wants to be alone. He worries he’s the wrong person for her, but Alf tells him Marilyn just needs time.

Dex apologises to Adrian for deserting her and tells her about Mitzy. They hang out and reconnect. She tells him about her parents, who died when she was young. She reckons she knows why he acts the way he does, and Dex is taken aback.

Ruby harasses Charlie to give her a driving lesson. Charlie is wary – she didn’t get along well with her Dad when he taught her. They go for a drive and Charlie tries to remain calm, but this only frustrates Ruby as she struggles to get to grips with the manual car. It’s only when Charlie becomes angry and strict that Ruby gets the hang of driving.

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