Is Penn lying to Nicole?

Nicole continues defending Penn to everyone but Alf tells Sid he’s sure she must have taken on board some of what they told her. Nicole asks Penn whether he did lie about Sid’s feelings for her and he denies it. He says he threatened Sid and that’s probably why Sid is against him.

Bianca tells Ruby to get over Liam. If she couldn’t even stop herself kissing him, what’s next? Ruby is embarrassed and low. Charlie’s concerned but Ruby says it’s boy trouble. Charlie assumes she means Xavier and Ruby lets her believe this.

Ruby acquires some booze and gets drunk. She ends up at Liam’s house and he’s horrified to find her in such a state. He calls Nicole for help and she and Penn smuggle Ruby home. Nicole tells Liam he has to sort things out. He watches as she’s led away, devastated at the mess he’s made.

Angelo’s opening night trial run isn’t going well. Everyone loves the food, but the atmosphere leaves a lot to be desired. Leah is missing Elijah and Rachel and Tony are feuding over Daniel’s job offer. The night comes to an end and Daniel is surprised when Rachel announces she’s seriously considering moving to the States with him.

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