Is Penny falling for a patient?

Penny’s relationship with heart transplant patient Scott deepens as she finds herself embroiled in his love life. When Scott’s girlfriend Becca decides that she can’t continue to with their relationship, Penny sees red and chastises her for dumping Scott in his hour of need.

The argument, which takes places in the middle of the ward, is witnessed by Penny’s mentor Elliot who warns his junior doctor not to allow her feelings to run too deep for Scott. But with Scott now alone and in urgent need of some positive encouragement, is normally steely – Penny about to cross a dangerous line?

Elsewhere Chrissie continues to give Matron Judith the cold shoulder after discovering that she’d suggested Mark for redundancy. A more forgiving Mark encourages his daughter to make peace, but Chrissie remains firm – she doesn’t trust Judith and never will.

Meanwhile, Linden’s daughter Holly begins work experience on the wards and joins Donna on her rounds a Holby Care, the private health care facility. When Donna presses Holly for gossip she learns some surprising secrets about Linden’s tragic past.