At his drop-in clinic, Kevin treats personal trainer Stevie, who claims to have backache due to a fall at her mother Mary’s care home. Kevin gives Stevie anti-inflammatories for muscle strain and she heads home but she returns a while later to tell him she forgot to mention her tingling feet and dizziness. Kevin suspects she could be anaemic and suggests a full blood test but Stevie leaves telling Karen she’ll do the tests another time. But, at home, Stevie’s fiance Luke is angry she didn’t wait – how can they make a convincing claim against the care home when she keeps messing up?

When Karen tells Kevin about Stevie’s strange behaviour, he begins to wonder if she’s faking a claim and his suspicions are confirmed when Stevie turns up for her blood test and mentions that a claims company will be in touch with him for a report. Kevin visits the care home and chats to manager Ginny, who’s worried as a claim will result in their insurance premiums going through the roof. Later, Ginny tells Luke and Stevie she would be prepared to offer a cash sum as long as Stevie drops the claim – Luke’s delighted.

As Kevin discovers another reason to suspect a fraudulent claim, he gets a call from the blood lab and tries to reach Stevie, who’s now struggling to breathe, so Luke rushes her to The Mill. Kevin says her blood tests have indicated very low B12, which explains some of her symptoms today. Stevie and Luke admit they wanted the care home to pay out as they need the money for Mary’s fees. As they talk Stevie’s phone rings and it’s bad news: her mum had another massive stroke and died not long after they left the home. Stevie’s inconsolable. They did all this for nothing!