Is Phil the man for Karen?

Karen’s writing in her diary about the man she met in the pub yesterday and is convinced Phil will call her today. Al suggests she might want to look at her wikisite to see if it rekindles any memories – Karen does this and sees a collection of family photos Imogen has put on there but then writes in her journal that the people in the photos are nothing to do with her.

Later, Phil calls inviting her for a drink. Karen dolls up, heads out for her date and is quite drunk as Phil drives her home. Karen shows Phil a new fibre optic tree she’s just bought but he’s more interested in getting her upstairs. Afterwards, Phil promises to ring her tomorrow, kisses her and leaves. Once he’s gone, Karen turns to her diary and writes about how Phil is her soulmate. This is going to be the best Christmas ever!

Also, Rob gets caught up in a hostage situation when ex-army officer Clare reaches breaking point. Rob tries to convince her to give herself up but then a shot is fired…