Is Pollard being haunted by his dead wife?

Pollard thinks it’s Amy making mischief with the ‘Elizabeth’ stuff and when he finds out she’s not he’s really worried. Pollard has been instructed to go to the cemetery to meet ‘Elizabeth’ – but the only Elizabeth there is his wife, buried six feet under and with her headstone firmly in place. Amy has followed him and Pollard accuses her of tormenting him. Stunned, Amy makes a counter-accusation that ‘Elizabeth’ is Pollard’s mistress. When he tells her she’s actually his dead wife they’re both mystified. Just who is winding Pollard up – and why?

While Pollard insists he hasn’t got another woman, it seems Doug has. Laurel tells Diane that he’s been making a lot of visits to Hotten and she thinks it’s because he has a new love interest. Diane doesn’t seem to like that idea at all but, hey, she had her chance and blew it spectacularly.

Viv still doesn’t like seeing Bob with Hazel. For goodness sake, woman, they’re only friends! But Viv wishes it were her that Bob was so friendly with. That ship has sailed, though; she needs to find someone else to float her boat – and preferably not someone else’s husband.

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